Project Kuiper

Amazon kXxq00
Apr 17 7 Comments


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  • Oracle Aladdin.
    I quote Elon here

    Copy 🐈
    Apr 17 4
    • Northrop Grumman / Eng HowCouldYu
      Who cares about Elon, Bezos is better
      Apr 17
    • Amazon kXxq00
      I just thought maybe this time it could work. Motorola tried it, Google tried it, results are both disappointing.
      Apr 17
    • Northrop Grumman / Eng HowCouldYu
      It will.
      Apr 17
    • Amazon ..🌋..
      Jeff and Elon would make a great pair, they could get together, smoke a joint, compare dick pics, and send out tweets claiming that a new Mars colonization joint venture had "funding secured"
      Apr 17
  • Microsoft JKWj76
    Always thought that Elon Musk vs Jeff Bezos is a bit like the good old "war" between Jobs vs. Gates.

    Elon Musk:
    - the visionary (reusable rockets, electric vehicles, Mars)
    - like Jobs, he pushes his employees beyond their limits.
    - in constant search for more money to fund his audacious projects.
    - a perfectionist. Not afraid to cancel entire projects or fire entire teams if projects don't go as he pleases.

    Jeff Bezos:
    - takes a much more pragmatic (but slower) approach
    - Brilliant business leader. Richest man on Earth.
    - business-centric in all initiatives. Mars? Who cares. What about moving all our heavy industries to space?
    - not afraid to clone successful things that others have done
    - has plenty of money. Committed to invest $1B/year in Blue Origin. Musk can only dream about such a secure funding

    I thought Project Kuiper is a brilliant jab at Musk's satellite business. Not sure how much money Bezos will make with Kuiper but for sure it will cut all the future profit from the Musk's SpaceX Satellite division.

    Remember that the sole purpose that SpaceX Satellites was created was to make money for Musk's Mars ambitions? Well, not anymore now that Amazon is in the picture. Amazon is well known in driving its competitors out through a large-scale but near-zero profit strategy.

    Elon Musk did a really stupid thing firing all the SpaceX Satellite leaders. It served their entire management team on a platter to Jeff Bezos, who is now happily hiring them back. And will hire any every other fired SpaceX employee and their dog.

    One more note: there is also OneWeb. They have serious funding from SoftBank and will erode further any of the remaining business potential that SpaceX Satellites has
    Apr 17 1
    • Amazon kXxq00
      Insightful analysis. Clapclap
      Apr 17