Promotion vs job hop

Amazon HAzq58
Jan 27 12 Comments

Is it better to wait till promotion to level 6, or hop to an equivalent level elsewhere?

Timeline to level 6: about 6-9 months, as manager proposed.
Life after level 6: could stay with the same team and lead some people; transfer to other teams; or use newly promoted title to leverage positions elsewhere.
Downside: need to take more ownership, and do some laboring, uninteresting work, plus peak season, etc. no salary bump in recent 2 years as I heard.

Has a l63 offer from MSFT, TC is not significant, but better than level 6 package after promotion. May become less after exhausting the 2 year signon bonus if not promoted within that time.
Work area is more impactful than current team. Could Develop new professional network. Learn new skills.
Good wlb, shorter commute.
If not workout, could interview for level 6 position and get a higher package.

Both sides have uncertainty, I guess. Also have seen people jump ship and come back with higher level than before .

Any comments are welcome.


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  • Google / Eng DeepBrain
    A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush.
    Jan 27 2
    • Amazon HAzq58
      What’s this bird
      Jan 27
    • Snapchat / Eng Miranda K
      Bird scooter
      Jan 27
  • Oracle Numbats
    YOE? If early career (between 5-7 yrs) go for breadth (switch jobs). Beyond that start looking for depth and leadership positions.
    Jan 27 3
    • Amazon Mlsobff
      Very good advice
      Jan 27
    • Amazon HAzq58
      Makes very good sense
      Jan 27
    • Adobe / Other 2Big2Fail
      That advice is worth 5 years of accelerated career trajectory.
      Jan 27
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    • Amazon HAzq58
      I sort of have some 2nd thought if remain in the current job and wait for promo. After all, my past experience says manager’s promise is not 100% reliable. I have been in the situations that manager promised to promote me in a given time, but either he left this team or some reorg happens, so things become unclear. When thinking about this, I guess it’s probably better to take control myself. Hop out and come back for a higher level and higher package.
      Jan 27
  • Google Bor
    Go to MSFT. Better commute and get 6-9 months of higher pay while expanding your professional network. Learn a new domain in the process and add another big name to your resume.
    Jan 27 0
  • Jump after some time with promotion
    Jan 27 0
  • TI / Product IOlOl0
    Do you have golden hand cuffs with amazon?
    Jan 27 1
    • Amazon HAzq58
      Sort of, most of my rsu is in this year. Next year will be a cliff unless I get promoted this year to reach l6
      Jan 27


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