Pros/Cons of working in Gaming?

New irIF72
Jul 3 5 Comments

I really love games, playing them, watching them on twitch, etc; but career in gaming? that's love and hate. I've had the good and the bad working in gaming (I guess this is true for all industries...)
Those fellow Blinders in gaming! what's your take on career in gaming?

For me.

Fun people, office life (pingpong tourneys, creatives office events, etc)
working with passionate ppl (they ALL love games)
high marketing budget
quick turnaround/ result for mobile games (one can see whether the game is gonna make it or not pretty quickly)

Mostly male colleagues. (about 8:2 gender ratio in my experience)
Somewhat inappropriate work environment sometimes..
quick turnaround/result for mobile games --> layoffs... after layoffs...
no job security (layoffs after layoffs)
relatively low pay... well.. according to Blind hahaha

Im trying to decide to stay in gaming or not... TIA

5YOE - 170K


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  • Microsoft / Eng tgvq88
    You love tacos, would you get a job making tacos? Don't think that making the things you enjoy will be fun.
    Jul 3 1
    • Bungie MaDestina
      Gamedev can certainly be fun, but there's lots of hard unsatisfying work in it also. If you are happy about producing output for your gaming customers to enjoy then you will enjoy working in games, even the less glamorous parts of it.
      Jul 4
  • Riot Games G8ADN86R
    The question is where in gaming. I think there are great places and rough places.

    For me gaming represents some of the best and most difficult problems that I could work on with great people who share my passion.
    Jul 3 0
  • Activision Blizzard / Design Metzen
    A better question. If you made the same TC working in games than you do writing kernel code, would you still be writing kernel code?
    Jul 4 0
  • Unity / Eng

    Unity Eng

    what I dislike the most about gaming is the mindset of top down management and reinventing software solutions in every studio. I miss using and contributing to open source software like the rest of the software industry does. I'm most likely going back to not gaming within a couple of years
    Jul 5 0