Psychiatric evaluation coverage by insurance

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I think I need to see a psychiatrist for depression. Could someone please recommend a good psychiatrist in Bellevue/Redmond area? Also:
- Do we need a referral from primary care physician to see the psychiatrist?
- My insurance is premera blue cross. Does that cover psychiatrist fees?


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    I make stuff and I’m super into it.
    llluminatimore is your friend. Plug in your insurance and it’ll tell you which ones are good. All jokes aside its one thing you really wanna get right.
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  • Amazon / Eng Chad🕶
    You just have to find a psychiatrist who is covered by your insurance. Just how not all medical doctors are covered by your insurance, not all psychiatrists would be either, but some definitely will. Just look up either on the premera site or on inside about medical coverage benefits. It should state whether or not referrals are required to see specialists
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  • Amazon djci2817
    You work at amazon, 80% chance you’re depressed
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  • T-Mobile qqj410
    Call your insurance company and ask about coverage. No one here can tell you what your insurance covers.
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