Public Company TC vs StartUp TC

Apple tyrion🎲
May 3 6 Comments

Hardware Engineer expecting offer from a couple of startups, Cruise Auto, Argo AI

Current TC at Apple is 155Base/20Bonus/40Stock. Total 215k

Having a tough time deciding how to convert a public stock vs startup where stock price may be over value and less liquidation opportunity.

Ideal would be to get 215k as Base + Stock, so my current TC is covered by New Base and Stock would be my growth.

Folks who moved from Public to Start-up, how did you decide


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TOP 6 Comments
  • Cruise Automation ifywjdp13
    It really depends. You get RSU as well.
    May 5 2
    • Apple tyrion🎲
      How do you decide on RSU of a public traded company which you can liquidate vs Private where you cannot
      May 5
    • Cruise Automation OEai36
      You just decide based on your personal risk/reward tolerance. If you're young and have few responsibilities then it's an easier decision.
      May 16
  • Groupon afw
    You should be able to get ≥215k base + bonus from Cruise.
    May 4 2
    • New bmmC14
      I doubt. But cruise gives great bonuses. So base would be 170-200. Cash bonus. 50-100
      May 4
    • Groupon afw
      So why you doubt?
      May 4