Purple mattress

AMD Subae
Nov 29, 2018 26 Comments

Has anyone tried it? Is it worth the price? Looking for a good king size mattress. Any other mattress similar to Purple mattress?


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  • TI IOlOl0
    Zinus off Amazon
    12” green tea mattress is good
    Nov 29, 20181
    • Microsoft )))o(((
      It was good for the first month. Then it became soft in the middle and my back hurts. It's lying in the garage now.
      Nov 30, 2018
  • Hitachi Vantara qodnd44
    Go with tuft&needle
    Nov 29, 20180
  • Mattresses are overrated. I go with tatami every time.
    Nov 29, 20180
  • Keep in mind all of those mattresses are out gassing you with toxic VOCs. Purple does this along with all the memory foam mattresses. Even the regular spring mattresses do this unless they’re specifically built only from natural materials. Read up on it.

    Avoid the box stores. Try the natural mattress stores. We just bought a natural latex mattress. Best mattress we ever slept in. Price was comparable to the box stores.
    Nov 29, 20184
    • Do you have a recommendation? Like specific brands/stores that sell good natural mattresses?
      Nov 29, 2018
    • This. We bought a Casper mattress for our son’s bedroom about 3 months ago, and it is still outgassing (you can smell it when you walk into his room). On the otherhand, the cheaper Novaform ComfortGrande ($399 for a queen size on sale at Costco) that we got for our guest bedroom had minimal odors which were gone after a day. Now, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t outgassing anymore as many VOCs are odorless. But I feel like the Novaform is a better buy. It’s softer than the Casper and is also thicker (a full 13.5” which is pretty amazing for a memory foam mattress in this price range).

      I just remembered that Casper has a 100-day night trial period and after reading this I’m now thinking about returning it.

      Thanks for the suggestion about natural latex mattresses - which one would you recommend for young children?
      Dec 2, 2018
    • I just did some more research and realized that both Casper and Novaform are CertiPUR-US certified (https://certipur.us) which makes me feel more at ease. However when it comes to VOCs, zero would be better. Also, the foams used in Novaform are made in the US whereas Casper doesn’t specify the origin of their foams.

      I also did a smell test by putting my nose directly against each mattress and breathing in deeply. The Novaform was virtually odorless (just a very, very faint odor that I was barely able to detect) whereas the Casper still had a very strong smell (the same smell that fills my son’s room).

      As stated earlier, our Novaform is 13.5” thick (vs. 14” advertised). I also measured the Casper and it is only 11” thick.

      Finally, Novaform has a 20yr warranty vs. 10yr for Casper.
      Dec 2, 2018
  • Compass / Eng


    The pillows suck horribly
    Nov 29, 20180
  • Townsquare Media MisterB
    I prefer a firm mattress and have had Tuft&Needle for 1.5 years and we’re very happy with it.
    Nov 29, 20180
  • LinkedIn 7even
    These fancy mattresses are overrated. Seriously. Get a simple relatively firm $300 memory foam mattress from amazon.
    Nov 29, 20180
  • On that note, has anyone tried the Leesa and is it any good for upper back pain?
    Nov 29, 20182
    • Microsoft DOyu71
      We tries a leesa and it just came off really cheap and shoddy compared to the tempurpedic or amerisleep mattresses we had.
      Nov 29, 2018
    • Good to know, thanks
      Nov 29, 2018
  • Salesforce


    I am blind to something and you are too.
    I got a Japanese tatami may with a shikibuton and am loving it. Better than any bed so far. But I like it super firm.
    Nov 29, 20181
  • Microsoft DOyu71
    My advice is to try some of these memory foam mattresses out. We had a tempurpedic for 2 weeks and it was terrible. The smell was horrible, and it felt like sleeping on a slab of cement. It was hotter than balls too, and my wife and I both kept waking up because we'd get "stuck" in the mattress. We called up the shop and they told us to take the mattress (which was a king and had to weigh 200+#) every day and walk on it. We were like eff that, come pick it up. We ended up with an amerisleep as4 which is fantastic. Good combo of soft and firm and has breathable layers so isnt hot. I think breathability is key (tempurpedic now has the tempur breeze as well) but people are different and will like different mattresses.
    Nov 29, 20181
    • Google
      I returned purple 3 for as4.
      Nov 29, 2018
  • New cKRV15
    Tried it and did not like it. After continued backache, ended up returning it and got a Tempurpedic instead.
    Nov 29, 20181
    • AMD Subae
      How's your backache now with Tempurpedic? In what way is this better?
      Nov 29, 2018
  • LinkedIn FrBoye
    Mattresses are overrated. See "adam ruins mattresses" in YouTube for example. Just get a simple firm mattress from amazon.
    Jan 160
  • Credit Karma karamanaut
    I feel like their should be more organic mattress companies - who wants to sleep in chemicals
    Jan 160
  • Amazon SUBr22
    Sleeping bag on the floor. Works best for my back.
    Nov 29, 20180
  • Medallia hFEH36
    Been using mattress from W Hotels the store for 10 years and love it.
    Nov 29, 20180
  • The Home Depot / Eng

    The Home DepotEng

    Some people like memory foam and some don’t.

    We slept on a high end tempurpedic for years and loved it. When we decided to go king sized, we went with some cheaper online company that starts with a Z (can’t remember for the life of me). It’s not as soft as the tempurpedic, but my wife and I both like this one better. (And it cost ~$1500 less than tempurpedic)
    Nov 29, 20180

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