QR codes in the US

Coupang haVfA1
Jul 11 15 Comments

As a consumer, I scan QR codes frequently in Asia. I don't see them used in the US as much. Is there a reason why so many companies haven't adopted the codes?


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  • Oracle pzd
    Scan qr code to do what?
    Jul 11 5
    • Amazon / Eng

      Amazon Eng

      The real question
      Jul 11
    • Amazon UKBV06
      No waiters, you go into restaurant then scan QR code at table. Order with your phone and you get your food.
      Jul 11
    • Best Buy / Eng

      Best Buy Eng

      Which is way easier than entering a 2 digit table number. #sarcasm
      Jul 12
    • Amazon UKBV06
      Entering a 2 digit table number on where? You’re not understanding QR codes are ubiquitous. Your method will just result in every different place making their own standard.
      Jul 12
    • Ticketmaster TcktBstrd
      In many Asian countries they're used to implement mobile payments.
      Jul 15
  • Salesforce 7rjcx3
    QR codes have not been widely adopted because of all of the related legacy technology that would need to be updated.... Merchandise Management Systems, Point of Sale Systems, Inventory Management Systems, Assortment Planning, different EDI standards would need to be adopted, not to mention all of the re-packaging and re-ticketing of existing products.
    Plus, the financial incentives do not exist for all products in all companies to change their existing barcode format to one of the QR code formats.
    A better investment would be to leap to RFID, and many companies are doing that.
    Jul 11 0
  • Google / Eng pumaupma
    I swipe my credit card and get bonuses.. why do you need an additional scan?
    Jul 11 1
    • Amazon BigONo
      What's your card number? I'll help get you bonuses 😉
      Jul 11
  • Groupon thepoint
    You can do anything with QR code in Asia since it is essentially a link. That means, mobile payment, subscription, login, 2-F, order food, etc, anything you can think of. In China you use you phone as wallet, in fact, nobody uses card or wallet in China, a QR code scan solves all the issues.

    In US, there's no incentive for business to do that because, like some of you mentioned, US has very established POS, CC rewards, Apple Pay etc.

    Oh, did I mention you could use Face ID to pay for things in store? Without having to bring your phone? :)
    Jul 11 1
    • Amazon MSaM52
      This is my first time hearing about Face ID payment without phone. Got a link?
      Jul 11
  • Apple / Eng Marijuana
    Because for the longest time, you needed a separate app to read a QR code on Apple devices (most people with spending power use Apple phones, unless they are a nerd or work at Google).
    Jul 11 0
  • Amazon / Eng Benny Lava
    Because people gets reward using credit card to borrow money to pay for all the stuff, instead of using cash.

    Merchants would love to accept cash only or no fee online payments, but customers are usually broke and balk at it.

    So, you still need a card, or go through a card, so no incentive to do QR code.
    Jul 13 0
  • Amazon cheetoz
    What do you scan QR codes for in Asia?
    Jul 11 0
  • New dodogo
    Something I can think of:
    1. Security 2. NFC such as Apple Pay works without internet access (QR really just a link).
    Jul 11 0