Quality of Uber cars and drivers declining?

HPE ueGT87
Feb 9 3 Comments

I’ve noticed in the last couple months almost every Uber I’ve taken has been a broken, uncomfortable car with poor dangerous drivers who look like they haven’t slept or showered in weeks. I feel bad rating almost every Uber I get poorly, but it is the truth. Nearly almost everyone drives dangerously or recklessly. 60 mph in a 25, bumped into plastic median on freeway on ramp, swerving, can’t stay in lane etc.

Has anyone else noticed a sharp decline in Uber quality, or is it just bad luck on my part?


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  • Intuit VHEw64
    Same with Lyft for me. Ironically switched to Lyft because I thought the drivers would be safer. Mine ran a red light, drove 20mph above speed limit on the freeway in pouring rain and told my friend to sit in the back since she was scared coz she told him to slow down.
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  • Netflix FoofooMoo
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  • Xilinx LKLA78
    Which city? I haven't used an Uber in several months, but it had gotten worse over the years but not as bad as what you experienced.
    Feb 9 0