Qualtrics Product Specialist role

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Hey guys,
A company called Qualtrics contacted me on my University's job board and told me that I would be a good fit for their Product Specialist position. They seem to be an established tech firm in Utah.

But I am not sure if I understand this role yet at all. It seems that they hire new grads to work tech support and then like rotate them to other parts of the company?

Could someone at Qualtrics give me some more insight into this program and how the company is?


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  • Cisco fdet4247
    They were just acquired by SAP. Good opportunity but it is big tech.
    Aug 8 1
    • OP
      Whats the pros/cons with Big Tech?
      Aug 8
  • Qualtrics YzOC26
    I'd also add that this is a great job for a recent grad who isn't completely sure what they want to do. As a product specialist you are given time to step aside from your core job and work on projects with different teams to see how you like that team and the work while developing skills from the project. Once you graduate as a product specialist you can take almost any direction you want. Product specialist alumni are wanted all over the org because of the skills they acquire.
    Aug 9 0
  • Qualtrics / Eng qul
    Decent enough if you have no other options, but it is glorified tech support. On the other hand, it gets your foot in the door and pays fairly well.
    Aug 8 0
  • Amazon randomguy!
    If you are a recent grad in engineering Qualtrics is not a good place to start. Because majority of engineers are recent grads. If you want to gain decent engineering culture, you better join bigger tech company.
    Aug 10 0
  • Qualtrics


    Goldman Sachs
    You can transition from this into a number of roles. Recent “grads” have gone into engineering, customer success, implementation, professional services, project management, and marketing. It’s a good foot in the door intro to the tech industry.
    Aug 9 0
  • Qualtrics / Other qualtricdo
    Happy to chat. It's essentially you come in and provide tech support and learn all the products etc. I would say it's an engaging role for 7-8 months, then gets old. After 12 months you'll move into another role.

    It's a good role for a new grad. It's great if you are not a CS major but want to be an engineer down the line, as this gets your foot in the door. Happy to chat if you would like to dm
    Aug 8 0


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