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Expedia yeet_code
Mar 6 9 Comments

Can anyone from qualtrics chime in on work culture, specifically engineering? What is work like balance like? Are there any specific teams one should avoid? In general, anything else you'd like to say about Qualtrics?

I have an offer and would like more insight on the company.


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  • Qualtrics alwayswfh
    People are smart and driven. Depending on team / project there can be less investment from product and UX, but this can be a benefit as it gives engineers a lot of autonomy. It's an exciting place to work with a lot of expansion and pretty interesting problems to solve. Some problems stem from poor or outdated design decisions in the past, but these are slowly getting resolved.
    Mar 7 0
  • Qualtrics / Eng rOwA64
    WLB is pretty good. On average it’ll just be the standard 40h a week. Used to be no WFH but now it’s a little more tolerated on an occasional basis, but that varies with team.

    I will echo ^ on culture.
    Mar 7 2
    • Expedia yeet_code
      Is there any system in place to switch teams? I find that Ill get bored of a team after a couple years and not necessarily want to quit, but expand my knowledge of the teams upstream or downstream.

      I can probably have a discussion with both managers, but sometimes having a system in place prevents the current manager from not wanting his employee to switch.
      Mar 8
    • Qualtrics user1212
      We generally require a year before transfers but then it's pretty easy
      Mar 18
  • Qualtrics NYMN08
    Work life balance is average. Around deadlines, you'll work longer hours but most people I know work 8-9 hrs a day.

    Culture is great. Lots of autonomy, ownership, and loads of hard problems to solve. In general, really great people.
    Mar 7 1
    • Expedia yeet_code
      Thanks for the feedback. What are some things you think Qualtrics can improve on? I find criticisms a lot more constructive.
      Mar 8
  • Amazon nirvana!
    How about pay? Is it comparable to fangs or slightly less after SAP acquisition? How are the benefits like health? Vacation, etc?
    Mar 20 0
  • Qualtrics broy007
    Ditto the above, the people are smart/ humble. The projects are interesting and I have yet to have a better WLB at any other job.
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  • Qualtrics / Sales

    Qualtrics Sales

    Microsoft, Qualtrics
    Offer details? TC or GTFO? You know the drill.
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