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Anyone heard of Qualtrics? It's a software company recently purchased by SAP. They are hiring in Seattle and I've been wanting to move to Seattle. Let me know what you guys heard about Qualtrics? Any idea about the salaries there?


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  • Qualtrics MDqE75
    Qualtrics is the real deal. Pay is great. Tech is amazing. If you get past the interviewing process you will take the job. Reading the other posts on there make me believe these other members did not make it through the interviewing process. Don't get mad if you don't get in as Qualtrics only accepts 2% of all applicants, making sure they bring on the best talent.
    Sep 10 6
    • Amazon coolguy!
      @MDqE75 LOL. Not sure in which Q you are. When I have been there I didn’t see amazing tech. I guess you have never seen amazing tech before. It is not hard to get through interviewing process there. But anyways, I am ok with you continue drinking kool aid. :))))
      Sep 10
    • Qualtrics user1214
      What bruh-naby said ^ this person is seriously drinking the Ryan Smith kool-aid. Our engineering org is run by new grads running around with bandaids. Some great people but our tech is no where near amazing. It's getting better but has a long ways to go
      Sep 11
    • Qualtrics bruh-naby
      I must be psychic. Just got a sev1, pinging ALL company oncall after hours, because of the exact example I gave.

      Can't even patch machines without fucking something up. It's like we're always stumbling in everything we do.
      Sep 11
    • Amazon coolguy!
      ^this. Whenever I brought up issues like automating things, creating right tools I was told that Q is scrappy. I stopped caring. Management doesn’t realize that having their own DCs is not wise and cheap in the long run. You can automate patching, but it requires discipline on best practices. Not sure why people like JohnT and CraigK don’t prioritize it. A lot of things are just reinventing the wheel with subpar quality.
      The other question to you guys (bruh & user), if you see all these problems and know how to fix, why don’t you step out and offer the fix? Or if you don’t like it, why don’t you leave for other companies?
      Sep 11
    • Qualtrics user1214
      Same as you. Tried for a while but have stopped caring and accepted that Q is a sales company and not a tech company. They're always going to favor doing things quick and dirty vs thinking long-term when it comes to engineering. I'm still there cause it pays the bills and the pay post-promotion is nice. But I am looking around and will bail at the first company that matches/beats my salary and will have similar wlb
      Sep 13
  • Square / Eng

    Square Eng

    Qualtrics did a contract with my university for like student surveys or something. Think survey monkey, but less sexy. Idk if they do anything else. No idea what they pay.
    Sep 3 1
    • Expedia Group finalemoot
      They could totally put that on their recruiting site, "like survey monkey but less sexy"
      Sep 3
  • Qualtrics BuiltToSex
    Im an l4 and TC is around 190-220k.

    The product sucks. In my job search, I didn't think I cared about the product as long as the software challenges were interesting and pay was good but I was wrong.

    Imagine coming to work and dealing with so much complexity over writing software for a smartfridge or digital photo frame. It eats you up and you question why it's so needlessly complex. Qualtrics does surveys to gather customer feedback. It's not a tech company at heart.
    Sep 3 3
    • Qualtrics / Eng QREP11
      Yeah over engineering culture is an issue
      Sep 3
    • Amazon coolguy!
      @BuiltToSex I didn’t know there is a skeptical person at Q. But it seems there is. To me, it seemed like everybody feels good about Q. Especially those who were at Amazon before. I also thought that TC is the only thing I care. But after seeing Q eng culture, I realized that TC is not everything if you give a shit to future career.
      The reason why systems are over engineered is that a lot of senior and junior folks read and implement chapters from design patterns books, or Martin Fowler articles, thinking this is cool (but not thinking if this is the only best solution).
      Sep 8
    • Microsoft / Field Ops

      Microsoft Field Ops

      I agree 100% with BuiltToSex. I’m at Q now. Left for a nice bump, but long term I doubt I’ll stay here. The more SAP starts to interfere, the likely I’ll bolt.

      The product is trash.
      Sep 11
  • Qualtrics meowz
    Qualtrics needs engineering to integrate with SAP. The company has a great vision but some of the product is messy. The sales messaging is ahead of the product.
    Sep 13 2
    • Amazon


      Here to share my experience and knowledge inspired by the support I got from minimsft.
      Do you guys have product management? How are your PMs?
      Sep 13
    • Qualtrics Dnchsjbfhh
      We do but I haven’t worked with them or been at Qualtrics long enough to comment
      Sep 16


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