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Splunk rtyuiopas
Apr 30 2 Comments

I am currently on F-1 visa. Company A which is not in Bay Area applied for my H1B visa. Result is awaited. I have to move to Bay Area to be close to family. Recently got an offer from company B which is in Bay Area.
-Can company A still cancel my H1B request?
-What happens if I get approved for H1B but don’t join company A? will my OPT continue?
-Will it affect me negatively on future H1B applications?


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  • Microsoft / Eng Az2
    Company A can cancel or simply won’t reply if USCIS sends RFE

    Nothing will change and you will keep working until you have OPT

    I don’t think there will be any implications on your future H1b applications

    few questions:
    Did company B file for H1b? If not, did you get selected in lottery for application filed by company A? If yes, better stay with company A till November (Oct 1st H1b starts and then 2 paychecks for transfer) and then transfer to company B

    If company A’s application for H1b gets approved and you did not join them, make sure they take it back because if not your status might get converted to H1b on Oct 1st (comfirm this point with attorney)
    Apr 30 0
  • Amazon eyML51
    Company A cannot cancel your H1B request if it is picked. They might not respond to the uscis queries once you leave.

    If H1b is approved and you don’t join company A, ypu will back on OPT.

    Not sure about future h1b application, although I guess it should not have any impact
    Apr 30 0