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FHLB jb777
Jul 25 2 Comments

Hi Blind! Excited to be here!

I have a question about Salesforce Referrals: is it enough to simply list a contact’s name within the Workday application, or is there anything they could be doing on their end, internally? A former colleague works there and happily said I could list his name in my application — but should I nudge him to do more when I find a fitting position and decide to apply?

I work in corporate, digital communications and have a background in graphic design, UX, videography, web content management, and marketing/comms. I would love to transition to a large tech company... but I feel extremely discouraged about getting my foot in the door without a referral.


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  • Salesforce / Eng typeK
    I guess it depends on how close the person referring you is to the hiring manager. If they know the hiring manager well they could talk to them directly about you. If they don't know them well or work in the same area they can really only keep an eye on things, give info when asked and keep you informed of how the application is going. We can see what stage you are at in the hiring process and talk to the recruiter also if we see that you are stalled out.
    Jul 25 1
    • FHLB jb777
      Okay, good to know — thanks so much for this info! I appreciate it.
      Jul 25