Question about SpaceX compared to BigTech

Apple APersonWit
Apr 12 11 Comments

Has anyone every gone from FANG to SpaceX, how was is?


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  • Google take
    The brightest minds of our generation are using their talent to make people click on ads. Don't be that person.
    Apr 12 3
    • AMD GDKa06
      I keep repeating that line too. Brightest minds of our generation are figuring out how to monetize ads. What an irony. They could be solving real problems.
      Apr 12
    • Apple APersonWit
      That is my feeling, does the world need another consumer device
      Apr 12
    • Ironically from a Google bro
      Apr 16
  • Google blackshep
    Go space x..our future generations of grandson and granddaughters will thank you for that
    Apr 12 2
    • Amazon lolwhat
      But also, it's not that if he doesn't go or I don't go join them then they won't make it to Mars.
      The future is coming either way. Why not choose a future where I'm not broke and healthy.
      Apr 12
    • Google blackshep
      If everyone thinks like u .there is no future
      Apr 12
  • Northrop Grumman / Eng HowCouldYu
    You will work longer and harder for less money, but you’ll have a (in my opinion) cooler project/vision you’re working towards
    Apr 12 0
  • SpaceX SlaveX420
    Don't waste your time at SpaceX. New grads are cheap renewable resource that can be abused, worn down, thrown out, and replaced.
    Apr 17 1
  • Mission is crazy good. Provides good motivation to Wake up in the morning.

    Definitely not on the same pay level as others.

    Then on the other spectrum you got Facebook. Shitty mission but paid super well.

    Chose your pick!
    Apr 12 0


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