Question about levels at LinkedIn, Facebook, and Microsoft

Google dl123
May 1 6 Comments

I'm an L4 data scientist at Google. I'm planning to switch companies currently and have a few questions:
1. I'm interviewing for a staff data scientist role at LinkedIn. According to (,Google,Microsoft&track=Software%20Engineer) this seems to be mostly equivalent to L5 at Google. Is that right or should I have aimed higher?
2. I'm also interviewing at Facebook for an E5 role. Should I have pushed for E6?
3. A recruiter from Microsoft contacted me about a Data & Applied Scientist role. Is this equivalent to SDE (levels 59-60) at Microsoft? (,Google,Microsoft&track=Software%20Engineer)


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  • Apple ZuckSuck
    I don't know the answer to your question but one thing I know.

    Linkedin inflates their titles more than pornstars inflate the silicon.
    May 1 0
  • LinkedIn / Eng The zapper
    Staff here spans L5/Low L6. We may inflate title but the comp is easier to map
    May 1 4
    • Google dl123
      Thanks for the reply. It seems from that LinkedIn staff is comparable to high L4 -L5 at Google.
      May 1
    • LinkedIn / Eng The zapper
      Perhaps...that’s kind of fuzzy. I can at least say not comp wise. For staff swe offers are 350-450+ which maps to my prev comment
      May 1
    • Google dl123
      The comp sounds good. Thanks for letting me know so that I know what to ask if I get an offer. :)
      May 1
    • New BrAF43
      What is the breakdown? I'm looking at staff data science roles and I'm guessing around 200-230 base, 300-330 RSU.
      Jun 23


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