Questions for Advertising Sales people!

New / Project tom.c
Sep 14

I am starting my own print advertising company in Miami and although I won't need to employ anyone for probably another 6/9 months, I am trying to get an idea of what I can expect from an ad sales person.

From browsing existing job ads I guess I could offer 40k base with benefits and maybe get away with 5% commission? Each space sold is $500 so that would be $25 only but there will be 20 clients per location.

I am hoping to have one person manage 4 locations which would be 80 clients. Starting with 0 (I will already have 1) and they would expand to a new location every 3 months. Renewal is every 3 months also.

Is this reasonable to expect? Honestly I am a tech guy historically so I have no experience in this field but I have a good opportunity here.

Any information would be great or if I could reach out to anyone for a quick email back and forth it would be very helpful!

Thanks in advance!!


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