Quid is a company valued at 100 million. They are literally selling the free python nltk library.

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Jun 10 8 Comments

I can actually tell you what functions they are using. Nltk word collocations, bigrams, trigrams, tfidf. They aren't even using latent dirichlet allocation to it's potential. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills, why does this company make 💰?



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  • United Wholesale Mortgage / Eng

    United Wholesale Mortgage Eng

    General Motors, United Wholesale Mortgage
    Open source business model 101
    Jun 10 2
    • Amazon hot 🍞
      I mean they are literally using one library. This seems strange. Their entire business model is 100 lines of python code, excluding the pretty charts.
      Jun 10
    • New / Eng rhpx71
      Maybe we're underestimating thr value of pretty charts
      Jun 10
  • New tapR56
    worth about 350 quid
    Jun 10 1
  • Google / Eng 🍑☁️
    Their worth is based on the value that they provide to their customers; not the amount of work it takes them to provide that value.

    If you think you can do as good of a job with 100 lines of code, start a competing company and make that cash. I'm not even being sarcastic. Even if you're not as successful, you probably could make a decent chunk of money as far as effort-to-reward ratios go.
    Jun 10 1
    • Amazon hot 🍞
      Ok, I'll give it a go. I already wrote most of the code by accident, I'm using it just for featuring engineering to predict things given unstructured text. It wouldn't be too hard to convert my one hot matrix to business Intel
      Jun 10
  • Quid zMJN08
    There is a lot more going on than selling open source software. Quid also has 3 data sets indexed; news, companies, and patents. Along with the ability to upload your own text. Quid’s value comes from bringing together these indexed datasets, NLP technology (sentiment, tagging, categorization, clustering), and a robust visualization tool so a user can make real businesses decisions based on unstructured text data.
    Jul 7 0