Quiting job after 7 months!

Chevron / Sales newtoSF
Nov 12 10 Comments

Really hated my job and left after 7 months.
Does this look bad when searching for jobs in front of recruiters?
someone told me, I had courage for recognizing it wasn’t going to work and left. I am Interviewing with Salesforce and was curious.

Had first interviewe with Junior recruiter and she is sending me to a senior recruiter.
How does it work for Salesforce? Why a second recruiter interview?
Can anyone help? How many steps are there? I am assuming two more after second recruiter interview?



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  • Barclaycard dHul47
    I left a job after 8 months because I was completely lied to about the role. The way I explained it when I was interviewing was that the role was misrepresented and I was looking for more meaningful work that used my strengths. I was never questioned.
    Nov 12 1
    • Chevron / Sales newtoSF
      That’s exactly what happened to me. Thanks
      Nov 12
  • Wurth USA 1BM1
    If you can provide a good explanation why you left (give a reasonable, clear, and detailed story), it should not be an issue. Being in sales, it could’ve as simple as they didn’t fulfill their part of our agreement on commission. Several interviews are also more normal because of the potential investment a company will make in hiring you. Don’t be upset. Understand it is a process.
    Nov 12 1
    • Chevron / Sales newtoSF
      Thanks, not upset at all. Was trying to get an idea.
      I do understand that they need to pick the best candidate for their needs!
      Nov 12
  • New TDQW21
    Just tell it was a contract position and contract ended.
    Nov 12 0
  • Dropbox nxUR42wid
    If it’s only this one job, erase it from your LinkedIn and say you took a year off.
    Nov 12 2
    • Chevron / Sales newtoSF
      It’s only this job but it transitioned me into tech so if I take it off, it will put me back in square one.
      Nov 12
    • FLYR hQJf32
      If it’s only this job then definitely don’t take it off. Have good credible reasoning to explain your circumstances for leaving and it won’t be a big deal.. much better than having a hole on your resume and lying about it
      Nov 12
  • T-Mobile


    looking for new opportunities...
    When I interviewed for G, there was an initial recruiter and once I spoke with her and passed a video interview with a manager, I was transferred to a secondary recruiter who handled the rest of the steps. The 2nd recruiter had a scheduler assistant too.
    With bigger companies going through so many interviews, there's a lot of people helping the process move along
    Nov 12 0
  • WeWork wvtP54
    Not that bad as long as its not a pattern, even then you can get away with in a hot market. All depends on how u frame and explain things
    Nov 12 0


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