RSU Grant/Award Methodology

Jul 15 2 Comments

At LinkedIn, the grant date values the entire number of shares you get from the value that's stated in the offer letter.

For example:
- $100,000 offered in stocks over the course of 4 years
- Hire Date: 12/31/2018
- Stock Price at granting (1/15/2019): $105.01
- 952.29 stocks that get distributed over the course of the 4 years

How do the other big tech companies do it? (i.e. Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, etc.) Do they calculate the number of stocks to award each time they vest or on a singular grant date?


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  • Google go/nuts
    Same at Google.
    Jul 15 0
  • Facebook bOHM82
    There's usually a single grant date for each stock grant, just like LinkedIn. At least that's been my experience
    Jul 15 0


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