Rate my Apple ICT4 SWE offer

Apr 10 27 Comments

Recruiter said this is the final number and no room for negotiation.
discretionary annual bonus 10%
TC about 300k
Location: Cupertino

Current TC 240

Is this good offer?


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TOP 27 Comments
  • Apple


    Looks great and congrats! What is your VOE?
    Apr 10 1
  • Microsoft !MSFT
    11/10 for 4 YoE
    Apr 10 0
  • Apple ewlrnek
    That’s a pretty good offer.. iTunes? Or AI/ML
    Apr 10 1
  • Apple parking
    That is an insanely good offer
    Apr 15 0
  • Apple maplkzvacy
    Congrats!!! It good offer
    Apr 11 0
  • Apple QAvc78
    Amazing offer.
    Apr 10 0
  • Apple industry
    Solid offer imo.
    Apr 10 0
  • Good offer. Take it
    Apr 10 0
  • Tableau / Eng

    Tableau Eng

    Very generous offer
    Apr 10 0
  • Apple ewlrnek
    Good offer. Take it. Refreshers will be around 100k. TC will touch 350+ pretty soon..
    Apr 10 0
  • Yelp djang0
    Apr 10 0
  • eBay TCBC
    With 4 yoe you're getting ict4, Are you kidding me?
    Apr 10 5
  • Ambarella MJ0604
    Did you have any compete offer when you were negotiating with Apple? I guess you have but want to check
    Apr 23 1
    • I told them my current TC ask them to beat it. I also told them I was interviewing other companies. But they came out this strong offer before LinkedIn gave me an offer.
      Apr 23
  • Ambarella MJ0604
    Congrats on the good offer! Did you have other compete offers to negotiate the comp?
    Apr 23 1
  • Oracle hiagain
    Mind sharing the interview rounds/ process ?
    Apr 11 1
    • Apple interview is team based. You interviewing with your potential future teammates. I've been few apple interviews all different. One of them has 7 hours 12 people loop. One of them has only 4 hours.

      Say if you passed multiple teams, you have to choose which team first before they can give you a verbal offer.
      Apr 11
  • Amazon Ex-Enron
    Which team?
    Apr 10 0
  • Nvidia cuisine
    Apr 10 0