Re-Hiring policy at Apple

Apple / Design WWE123
Jun 6 7 Comments

My friend quit apple 3 years ago for career growth and moved to Nvidia. Now he would like to return back to apple for a different job position. Will apple HR policy allow hiring him back ?

He was a verification engineer 3 years ago.
Now he is applying for product manager position.


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TOP 7 Comments
  • Nvidia bcash
    Never heard of someone getting banned for switching companies.
    Jun 6 0
  • Nvidia m$t1HOz4
    Depends on the org. There are some orgs that won’t accept any ex Apple.
    Jun 6 2
    • Ascension Health ixBN06
      Ouch, why?
      Jun 6
    • WeWork / Eng Shwag
      I never heard of this before, unless you got fired or left on bad terms.
      Jun 6
  • FileMaker / IT Hawas
    Depends on the org. Nvidia is right, some orgs won’t accept ex apple even if they are fine or good. But the limit I think is 2 years i guess
    Jun 6 2
    • Nvidia m$t1HOz4
      2 years meaning what?
      Jun 7
    • FileMaker / IT Hawas
      Means till two year they won’t hire you back
      Jun 8