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Hey blinders,
First off thanks for creating this community!
I am a fresh grad and got offers from Walmart labs, Cisco, ADP, and another small scale company. Considering to join Walmart labs or small scale company

But I see a major shift in my mindset reaching end of my masters. Always thought bigger companies are good start of career and at that time Cisco/ Walmart came in that bucket.

But as I graduate in May and am interning in a small scale company this sem, it feels in all big tier 2 companies one just act as part of the huge wheel. With a lot of politics and workplace with no fun activities ๐Ÿ˜ฃ

Has anyone else felt the same? And can someone share inspirational stories of growth out of tier 2 companies to good ones like - Google/Airbnb/Netflix/Linkedin/Uber/Lyft. (Naming these companies as good because I feel they have good company culture plus good work learning and opportunities)

Or has anyone stayed in smaller companies at start and rocketed up?


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  • shwethavah
    Dude join walmartlabs, learn stuff for an year or so and get out. For new grads Amazon FB kind of companies are good. Learning curve is awesome with them. So target for them. I don't think you will get to work on challenging stuff at walmartlabs.
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  • Google praise
    Politics is there everywhere.G, FB and others are not employee heavens in anyways. Some of the companies you named are too big to have a single culture, so the culture is set by L7/L8(director kind of). The culture varies from being awesome to really pathetic.
    Apr 21 0
  • I am an engineer. Graduated in 2014 and was rejected by top companies and was only able to find a junior engineer position in a non-tech fortune 500. I worked there 3 years and learned a lot while oversaw growing politics and turmoil of the technical leadership (and how kiss ass SVP and his team survived layoff twice). Now working for a known startup with many ex-faang and learning ton too and recently got promoted after one year. Though seeking new opportunities for tc primarily.

    I think you can shoot for a good startup with good vibe (sorry, oscar only hire 3+ years right now) or companies like LinkedIn.
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  • LinkedIn SparkAI
    Yup I was working in a tier 2 company in India (Broadcom) with no visible career path. Decided to quit that job and came to US for Masters. Got offers from LinkedIn and couple of other tier 1 companies (FB, VMWare, Salesforce)
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  • rand.randm
    You need to learn the ropes not avoid it. Sooner you brave the impact better will you grow professionally.
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  • Avoid Cisco. Not sure about Walmart
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