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Jan 7

Does anyone have any resources or pointers they could direct me to to learn more about real estate? I'm a new grad so I don't have much to my name but I'm extremely interested in getting into the space and learning enough so that when I have more resources I can take advantage. Thanks!


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    Biggerpockets is a good forum, but a lot of the info is outdated.

    We are unfortunately a little past the real estate heyday when after the recession, both prices and interest rates were low. Now prices are way up and rates are starting to go up, so it's much harder to find deals with good cashflow. Now you pretty much either have to take on more risk with a shitty area, or settle for negative cashflow in a good area and hope for price appreciation to make money.
    Jan 71
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      Jan 7
  • Pinger / Engcreate💻
    Learn what a cap rate is and how to calculate it, then calculate the cap rates for some local properties and ask someone to check your work.
    You may be surprised at how low they are especially compared to interest rates and historical stock performance.
    Jan 70
  • New me2you.
    REIT 10K's?
    Jan 70
  • Facebook public2
    What do you want to learn?
    Jan 70
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    Twilio Inc.
    Are you in the bay area? I'm trying to learn too, I'd be down to meet up and chat in person about it
    Jan 70

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