Real estate investments in long island city, NY

Bloomberg Chmod777
Jan 8

Now that we know Amazon's HQ2 is expected to make Long Island city a hot ground for real estate investing, how many of you are already looking into options to invest in that region? I couldn't get hold of any REITs that have holdings in long island city (Fundrise, realty mogul, etc are no use here). Any pointers?


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  • Jet.com 👌🤔@
    You don’t understand NY. This neighborhood has been hot for a decade. Long Island city FTW. Amazon is adding a tiny amount of jobs to our city.

    You had to invest in LIC in 2005 when they started building it. You missed it.
    Jan 81
    • New DuQvV7x
      This. The population of LI is almost 10x the population of SF or Seattle.
      Jan 9
  • Adobe / Mgmtomnr62
    That boat has probably already sailed. All the massive price increases were baked in about 10 seconds after they announced it.
    Jan 80
  • Bose boxbox
    Too late now .. it’s all priced in already
    Jan 80

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