Real estate rentals

Salesforce HarcEndoff
Apr 11 14 Comments

Are you buying rental real estate right now? Or stashing cash & waiting for a downturn?

If buying, where are you finding good returns?

Oh, right: TC $330K, non-Bay Area


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  • Facebook public2
    Always buying rentals, never a bad time only good and better times.
    Apr 11 4
    • Salesforce diurhdngr
      Location you target for rentals ? And is it condo : multi family ?
      Apr 11
    • Facebook public2
      Seattle and bay. Single family, multi family, small building. Never ever buy a condo.
      Apr 11
    • Google hurgundy
      Why not condo? Property value doesn’t rise as much?
      Apr 16
    • Facebook public2
      Slower to appreciate, first to fall, declines the most, and hoa hoa hoa.
      Apr 16
  • Never buy rentals. It's a lot of hidden fees everywhere and a lot of management that you need to put on it. Weekends, nights etc.

    Plus, the buy to rent ratio is the worstenin the whole country
    Apr 11 2
    • Dropbox fixer17
      So what is your long term investment strategy?
      Apr 11
    • Buying a 🏠 to live in it... Maybe. But the best is still the liquidity of an index fund
      Apr 11
  • New / Mktg

    New Mktg

    I invested in an 8 Plex in Stockton. Have had it for 2 years. Positive 2700 after stabilization. Have a property mgmt company that deals with tenants. So far, so good. Built 200k equity thus far and looking to do a 1031 into a larger property
    Apr 14 1
    • Insightly insightly
      Pm me details of the property. I am actually looking to 1031 into a multiplex from a single family. Could be a buyer :)
      Apr 16
  • Salesforce lulzz
    Salesforce, 330k and non-Bay Area! Level and YOE?
    Apr 11 1
    • Salesforce HarcEndoff
      Cannot disclose 😎
      Apr 11
  • Apple / Supply/Log miskasp2
    Waiting for Bay Area downturn to buy
    Apr 11 1
    • Amazon resilyant
      You could be waiting for a while
      Apr 11