Real impact of h1b getting abolished

Microsoft GOD!
Sep 30, 2018 22 Comments

The entire US economy will collapse and become another Venezuela !

I was just kidding !

Looks like that's what a lot of H1b workers think about their own value to the US. I am on H1b too, so don't be offended.

Realistically, there will be little to no impact to day to day business for companies, if they have competent US employees to take over the transition. Most companies operate with the mind-set that employees are replaceable and often they are not wrong. Also, companies always have the option to outsource more work out of US. They do not necessarily have to hire American workers.

However, I do think there are pockets of business in US that will be negatively impacted if H1b visas are ended. For example - Immigration lawyers, USCIS revenue, Real estate, Leasing market, Universities and overall the Medicare and Social Security funds will take a hit - mainly because H1b workers are probably the only contributors that are most likely to never use these benefits. Basically, this is free money to US citizens that will eventually be using these benefits in the future.

Now, there will be a short term impact to India too. Stocks of IT companies in India will go down, there might be downsizing and a bunch of H1bs returning home might have to stay unemployed for a while. However, US companies will start outsourcing more, and the Indian market will again pick up.

However, the group that will be most impacted are the H1b folks that are married, have kids and have loans and mortgages in the US. Relocating will be a nightmare to these folks.

Finally, the least affected will be single guys like me ! If I were to go back home, the first thing that comes to my mind is - Idly, Vada, Pongal, Sambhar, Chutney, Upma, Kichidi, Masala Dosa and filter coffee.

Overall, everybody will move on in life but the US citizens that complained about H1b taking away their jobs, will still be waiting to be hired by these companies !

Hope this will pacify everyone ❤️👌

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  • Actually those US citizens waiting to be hired will be hired. It’s called supply and demand, the supply will be low so they will most likely get placed. Obviously not all and not the bad ones, but a lot will bc they are borderline good enough to get hired.
    Sep 30, 2018 5
    • Upstart imherenow
      You mean tech companies will lower their bar? I have a hard time seeing that happening. Much more likely they'll just shift jobs to overseas offices they already have.
      Sep 30, 2018
    • If that was the case then companies would have saved a lot of money and kept those workers overseas?
      Sep 30, 2018
    • Apple / Eng Schneider
      The difference between borderline good and great is the difference between unreliable crap and bulletproof software - tech companies understand that.
      Sep 30, 2018
    • Microsoft JDwb49
      We have trouble finding people who can reverse a linked list for a $100,000+ salary.

      Where are all those mythical unemployed people with brains?
      Sep 30, 2018
    • Upstart imherenow
      Tech companies would prefer to bring people in than to shift work overseas since managing is harder. But if you force them to choose between that and lowering their bar, I bet on the former. There are lots of vacant openings already even with H1Bs, why haven't them lowered the bar yet?
      Sep 30, 2018
  • Red Hat

    Red Hat

    Google, Intel, Facebook, Apple
    “Idly, Vada, Pongal, Sambhar, Chutney, Upma, Kichidi, Masala Dosa” - are these the names of lovely ladies eagerly awaiting your return? ;)
    Sep 30, 2018 4
    • Microsoft GOD!
      😂😂 better than any of them
      Sep 30, 2018
    • Microsoft / Data Sixpussiez
      Are these food options? (Honest question)
      Sep 30, 2018
    • Microsoft GOD!
      Yep, all of that is food👌 the best food
      Sep 30, 2018
    • Microsoft Sheesha
      Stinky "curd rice" who bring bad reputation to all Indians found !!
      Sep 30, 2018
  • Symantec Snoop Dawg
    Why do rest of us need to be pacified? We just don't care
    Sep 30, 2018 3
    • Qualcomm lnv568
      Because you're a complaining twat - that h1b is the reason Americans are unemployed. Boo fucking hoo. You're unemployed because you are incompetent when it comes to tech skills and entitled to a job.

      Those US citizens who have the skillset have been hired already. And if you're 50 years old and producing the output of a 25 year old with an h1b you probably will be laid off. Because you're 2-3x more expensive. That's how capitalism works. Either prepare for retirement and not spend all your money golfing or keep up with an ever changing landscape of skills in tech to keep your job.

      The 25 year old will have the same problem when he is 50. So it's not personal.
      Sep 30, 2018
    • Symantec Snoop Dawg
      This attitude is the real reason I don't fcuking care.
      Sep 30, 2018
    • Oath / Mgmt Atinlay
      Sep 30, 2018
  • Expedia #map
    "Idly, Vada, Pongal, Sambhar, Chutney, Upma, Kichidi, Masala Dosa and filter coffee"

    So, u are a tamil 😉
    Sep 30, 2018 1
    • Microsoft GOD!
      Haha, unfortunately nope. Was in Chennai for a while though 👌
      Sep 30, 2018
  • Tesla fallen
    Sep 30, 2018 1
  • Cisco / Eng

    Cisco Eng

    ASIC Verification
    Sep 30, 2018 1
    • Microsoft GOD!
      Yep. I should add this as credits
      Sep 30, 2018
  • Salesforce God Jr.
    Dad? have you been drinking again? Go sleep it off
    Oct 1, 2018 0


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