NVIDIA hotair
Aug 14 8 Comments

Let's cancel Halloween and movies prior to the year 2000 too huh?


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  • New ja_rule
    That was cool while the company was small and everyone knew each other personally and came in wearing Hawaiian shirts. Of course as the company grew and hired all sorts of idiots things blew out of proportion and then snowflakes raised concerns ... Shocking
    Aug 14 2
    • NVIDIA hotair
      Bruv they just want to make the world a fairer place like the Harrison Bergeron story and what better way to do it than to start banning everything
      Aug 14
    • New ja_rule
      First kegerators now hawaian shirts smh
      Aug 14
  • Microsoft iiieeegemm
    Aren't all white people from California obsessed with Hawaii?
    Aug 14 0
  • This comment was deleted by original commenter.

    • NVIDIA hotair
      "coffee is cultural appropriation for South Americans and must be stopped"
      Aug 15
  • Amazon 🤠== 8
    🤷‍♀️what is the point?
    Aug 14 1
    • NVIDIA hotair
      "Ohana is canceled, mo**** fu****s", says Parker.
      Aug 14
  • Salesforce / Consultant

    Salesforce Consultant

    Cisco, IBM, SAP
    They’re not canceling it. They’re trying to be more respectful of it’s origins. It’s on par with the the company’s overall stance on equality.
    Aug 20 0


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