Recommend Mercedes dealer in Bay Area

Adobe tierra
Feb 11 11 Comments

I plan to lease and mostly negotiate the deal over email.

For the in person purchase and post sales service though, which dealer would you recommend.

On a related note, who should I avoid?


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TOP 11 Comments
  • Avoid anyone on Stevens creek
    Feb 110
  • VMware zxzam
    I’d suggest trying outside California.
    Feb 112
    • Adobe tierra
      Have them deliver you mean? I did consider it at one point but do not know what if any benefit I would get.

      How does this work?
      Feb 11
    • VMware zxzam
      You can ship the car to you. Negotiate over email/phone, fly out to see the vehicle and sign paperwork and have the car shipped. Benefit would be $$ if you’d like to save.
      Feb 11
  • Cisco pj.thegame
    Pleasanton. dealers are not aggressive. kept in touch post sales
    Feb 110
  • Veritas / Other13Jija
    Mercedes SF and Mercedes Walnut Creek are great. Avoid Mercedes Belmont.
    Feb 110
  • VMware tmrV54
    Avoid autobahnmotors
    Feb 111
    • Veritas / Other13Jija
      The one in Belmont are very shrewd Nd cunning. Thank god, I didn’t buy from them.
      Feb 11
  • Apple tBrm51
    Boss up and get a Tesla
    Feb 110
  • Dropbox


    I think you get the best deal in person

    FWIW i recently leased a car from SF Benz and there are so many traps (even charging me stuff for more than the website) that you really have to do your homework well.
    Feb 110
  • Facebook HBOX
    Try Shift
    Feb 110

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