Recruiter being totally unreasonable...

Amazon KRONjob
Oct 7 31 Comments

I turned down the offer for what I feel are valid reasons. 1) Were not able to match current TC 2) Did not want to move the start date by a couple of months until my stocks vest. 3) Their company was not doing so well objectively from revenue and profit perspective. 4) Didn't want to share offer officially...Only verbally.

Recruiter was acting like total bi***. She kept telling me I had low YOE and couldn't increase offer. She also didn't believe my current TC. She hung up on me. Now I feel like total crap and idk what to do.

I feel bad because now I essentially lost an offer/bargaining chip...


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  • NVIDIA ILoveVette
    Whoa whoa hung up on you? Tf
    You don’t wanna work for a place that has people like her
    Oct 7 0
  • Roku cruella
    U turned them down.

    She’s acting out and acting unprofessional. U don’t need to feel like crap.

    For her u were ye sour grapes she couldn’t get.

    Think of it Like dumping a needy SO.
    Oct 7 3
    • Microsoft / Eng lbez12
      Oct 7
    • Roku cruella
      Ye olde sour grapes 😈
      Oct 7
    • Disney / Product

      Disney Product

      Warner Bros. Entertainment
      HelpIng Mickey spread happiness, now want to help common people like me 😉
      Oct 7
  • MongoDB / Eng crador
    Name and shame. Ain't noone got time for that kinda attitude.
    Oct 7 0
  • Microsoft isio37
    Find someone who works @ said company to look up the recruiters manager, and contact them directly.

    Or find out the contact of the hiring manager and mail them. They're the ones who want you, not the recruiter.
    Oct 7 1
    • Amazon git clone
      This! Give this person a cookie.
      Oct 7
  • UBS / Finance nMQg64
    Your post makes no sense. It was a take it or leave it offer and you said no based on your reasons. You took the risk and it turned out this way.
    Oct 7 6
    • UBS / Finance nMQg64
      What do you mean? Offers are always take it or leave it. Or do you think that company should give you better offer because you tell them to?
      I don't know what the recruiter said or how s/he said it, but clearly there was some communication. Maybe it was "we will not give a better offer".

      What I meant is that you should have tried to negotiate better offer while keeping this one open. Second, 4) is standard.
      Oct 7
    • Bird xgtJ58
      Having room for negotiation is expected unless they tell you upfront, and even then there’s usually some wiggle room for negotiation
      Oct 7
    • Liberty Mutual Insurance / Eng swdude
      "Offers are always take it or leave it."

      Uh, no.
      Oct 8
    • UBS / Finance nMQg64
      To last two commenters. All negotiations are in a way "take it or leave it." once you reject, you either propose a new (that is or not accepted) or the counterparty purposes something else. If neither continues, the game is over.
      Oct 8
    • UBS / Finance nMQg64
      XgtJ58: there clearly was such communication. Clearly there was frustration on both sides because the OP didn't want to accept and the recruiter didn't want to propose something better (maybe couldn't, maybe was not that smart...)
      Oct 8
  • Airbnb wise taco
    LOL! You turned down an offer, they didn't raise it and now you're pissed because you were sure they would? LOL
    Oct 7 0
  • Microsoft megamanX
    I’d say F it... they couldn’t match TC and acted unprofessionally - their loss dude
    Oct 7 0
  • Prudential -asdf-
    This is why it's important for recruiters to disclose comp range before starting the process. Recruiting takes a lot of time and effort from the candidate, recruiter, HM, interviewers etc.
    Oct 8 1
    • UBS / Finance nMQg64
      It looks like the recruiter did, just the OP didn't want to accept it (thought the recruiter is joking).
      Oct 9
  • Infosys BRY47
    Which company? Also, you already rejected the offer, not much you can do unless you want to accept it on their terms.
    Oct 7 1
    • Amazon KRONjob
      I don't want to say because they might know it's me.. Ping me and I can tell you
      Oct 7
  • Amazon SomeName2
    As you stated, you turned down the offer. So now you are upset that the recruiter didn’t run after you in the rain and profess undying love? You clearly didn’t care about this job and just wanted their offer for leverage. Move on.
    Oct 7 0
  • Boeing prince t
    an offer is not a bargaining chip if it's below your current tc. you lost nothing. it sounds like your game needs a little work.
    Oct 7 0
  • New kwatpc
    Was this an internal recruiter (company side) or was she from a 3rd party company? A lot of 3rd party companies get commission or x amount of hourly on the candidates they handle. If they can get you in at a lower TC, they can reap the benefits of commissions and bonuses, if ever.
    Oct 8 0
  • Apple


    Software engineer
    I don’t get what you want them to do differently. She made you an offer and you turned it down. You wanted more money and she didn’t want to make you a better offer. That’s just negotiations
    Oct 8 0
  • Samsung


    Stressed out but surviving
    If the recruiter is that pissed off you might as well take it as a blessing in disguise. Assuming you are still at amazon get an offer that can at least match your current tc.
    Oct 7 0
  • Facebook ineffable0
    You probably don’t wanna work in such a place anyway
    Oct 7 0
  • Dell iJmr65
    If a recruiter at a company hangs up on you, is that really a company you wanna work at? Asshole companies can't help but be asshole companies.
    Oct 7 0
  • Taylor Farms azerty_
    Why do you even want to work there lol. Disdain the whole thing
    Oct 7 0
  • New xzYN53
    Why would you feel bad? Should be laughing in her face. I’m guessing this is Uber.
    Oct 9 0
  • Microsoft isio37
    Btw what's the TC/YOE you gave them?
    Oct 7 0


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