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Tired of IBM. Looking for a referral to google, Facebook, salesforce, nvidia, or apple. DM/PM me please. Will be okay with possibly setting up some time to speak over the phone or I can send you my resume.


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  • Oh. No. Please stay
    Feb 25 0
  • Can you leave me you spot :)
    Feb 25 3
    • IBM jTkM01
      Take mine
      Feb 25
    • OP
      Haha I would if I could
      Feb 25
    • @jTkM01 You da man,
      Seriously, if you feel like referring a student graduating next fall, pm me pls.
      Feb 25
  • Google g00g00111
    Dm me
    Mar 4 0
  • New abc1997
    FYI NVIDIA is in a hiring freeze so don’t expect anything from there
    Feb 25 0
  • Facebook / QA WPBL01
    Dm me for apple
    Feb 25 0
  • Facebook ehdk
    Dm resume link
    Feb 25 0
  • IBM vamp
    > Tired of IBM
    Feb 25 0