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Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company
Jul 7 6 Comments

1 YoE Full-time (2 YoE Interning at 20-30hrs/week)
LC Completed: 189 (51 Easy, 119 Medium, 13 Hard)

Unfortunately I don't have any direct connections from school/work that went on to work for any of the companies I'm looking to interview for :(

Including my internship, I have almost 3 YoE working on building analytics dashboards across the full stack (PM me for resume and details).

Not looking for a simple handout, I live 1.5 hours from the Bay and I'm down to meet for coffee or chat about my experience and yours!

Looking for referrals for the following in SF/Bay Area:

- Google
- Facebook
- Snap
- LinkedIn
- Airbnb
- Lyft
- Snap
- Pinterest
- Amazon
- Twitter

Thank you blind community, hope to be one of the success stories here! 🙏

Edit: TC ~100k


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  • Google el googler, ping me and I can get your referral promoted
    Jul 7 0
  • New / Eng soylatte
    Just ask on LinkedIn it's really easy. Connect with like 10 people at each company and then ask for a referral one of them is very likely to say yes for a variety of reasons. Some companies even incentivize referrals with cash bonuses.
    Jul 7 0
  • Credit Karma hRwS07
    Dm me for CreditKarma or apply directly
    Sep 10 0
  • DM for Uber
    Jul 11 0
  • Snapchat Bubby
    Pm me
    Jul 7 0
  • New / Eng soylatte
    I'm positive all of FAANG offers a referral bonus.
    Jul 7 0