Referral for Communications role (Bay Area)

Google / Product

Google Product

Sep 19

Hi all, posting for an old coworker looking to make the jump to tech. He is an incredibly bright dude that I think would do extremely well at a startup, as he is a jack of all trades.

My old coworker currently works in DC as a communications manager for the World Bank (prestige is equivalent to a FANG but for international politics). Although he’s in Comms, his role involves heavy public policy development and fin tech related work (developing financial tools to assist poverty stricken communities, etc). He is the second brightest guy I know (only second to my cousin who is a FB eng and a legit genius), but is finding it difficult to get interviews here. His background is mainly in the non profit space, but he is interested in anything tech related, especially when there is a social good component. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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