Referral for NYC amazon?

Scotiabank 0xFU
Jun 9 12 Comments

Asked for this twice and people said they are willing to refer but aren’t responding to messages for some reason - can anyone help me out?

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  • Why are people so hesistant to give out referrals? It's weird.
    Jun 9 6
    • If it were a small company I'd understand the hesitance to waste a manager's time. But these larger companies like Amazon have mechanisms in place to easily refer anyone and employees are encouraged to use them. There is no hurt in referring anyone at a big company. These guys are just being selfish.
      Jun 9
    • Microsoft UseDeFeet
      Employees are encouraged to use them for colleagues or network referrals. Blind begging is neither.

      It’s selfish to expect a referral from someone you don’t know. Go make a friend at that company.
      Jun 9
    • I get that, but here's the thing -- why not just give them to blind beggars? Unless you don't think the minute of your time is worth it, I don't see the harm. Amazon will continue to make its billions regardless and you will have helped someone in need. If the candidate is a bust there are 0 repercussions.
      Jun 9
    • Microsoft UseDeFeet
      Because that’s a leg up for the candidate. And a very lazy way to get one. I don’t want to work with a lazy begging person.
      Jun 9
    • New / Strategy

      New Strategy

      Tesla Motors, BMW, Robert Bosch
      Stop fighting like a five year old!
      Jun 9
  • Microsoft UseDeFeet
    Why. What role. Willing to help if you’re an ace.
    Jun 9 2
    • Scotiabank 0xFU
      SWE, what’s an ace?
      Jun 9
    • Microsoft UseDeFeet
      Never mind
      Jun 9
  • New / Eng jjkL
    Anyone know how much a referral will help when applying? Was thinking of applying but it would be a cold application thru their job listings
    Jun 9 1
    • For Amazon idk if it helps that much. I know a guy that was referred by his bro and didn't even get a call.
      Jun 9


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