Referral to AirBnb

Amazon / Eng BuKJ70
Jul 17 7 Comments


Looking for a referall to AirBnb at L5 SDE.
Currently at Amazon.

Can anyone help? Much appreciated!


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TOP 7 Comments
  • Airbnb KzOQ16
    Why do i want to work with you? What do you do? What are your strengths? Your request for referral is so vague
    Jul 17 6
    • Airbnb KzOQ16
      It comes at a cost!
      Jul 17
    • Walmart pedro_Brex
      W8 why would u not give a referral? The best thing u can get is referring bonus. The worst u can get is nothing.🤑 TC: Walmart labs intern
      Aug 5
    • SolarWinds AnEngineer
      Is that what you think?

      Referring someone to your org who sucks makes you look quite bad.
      Aug 5
    • Walmart pedro_Brex
      Um yeah that's what I think, also if they suck they won't pass the interview anyway otherwise it's the problem with the interview process. Also you know the rules TC or GTFO?
      Aug 5
    • Airbnb KzOQ16
      It is more about reputation and not money. I can make more money with my reputation than referrals!
      Aug 5


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