Referrals - Need to run from toxic management. PM/Product Analyst.

Air Liquide / Data DireCrates
Aug 4 6 Comments

Beautiful people, I am in need of referrals so I can leave my current toxic pseudo-boss who attempts to humiliate me each time we're alone.

Worked as a data engineer, research intern, data scientist and most recently as PM on a proof-of-concept product.
All of those in transportation.

Thank you all in advance! 🙏🙏

Looking for product analyst and product manager roles.
YOE: 4
Ask: Referrals + introduction to PMs
AirBnB - has a transportation PM opening
Amazon - Alexa Auto team 3 openings
Waymo - Product Analyst
Uber, Lyft - analytics manager/product manager/product analyst - open to any Data/product role


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  • Amazon / Product mIDS33
    Message me, hiring for my team
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  • Amazon ueheie
    Aug 4 1
  • Amazon qxYV43
    Dm me for Amazon
    Aug 4 1
  • Cisco tcmatters
    DM me for a startup referral
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