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New infvar
Nov 18 6 Comments

Education: Bachelor's, UC Berkeley

Experience: 1+ year at high-frequency trading firm, <1 year startup, <1 year CS/AI research

Problem solving: LC 120+, AIME Qualifier

Looking for: Software Engineer (0-2 yrs exp), Data Scientist (0-1 yrs exp)

Happy to chat, answer questions, etc. Thanks!


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TOP 6 Comments
  • IBM / Eng Yare2Daze
    Why leave hft?
    Nov 18 2
    • Bloomberg GO<GO>
      Ditto. Same question
      Nov 18
    • New infvar
      There's a few reasons. Biggest is mainly personal and might be identifying, others include losing interest in the work I was doing combined with a bad wlb, and just general disapproval over where my desk was heading.
      Nov 18
  • Bloomberg GO<GO>
    @OP What's your TC, YOE and WLB in HFT?
    Nov 18 1
    • New infvar
      1+ YOE, TC range 120-190k depending on performance, WLB 60+ hours a week
      Nov 18
  • Square edtk24
    I’m former HFT as well. You can DM me if you’re interested in roles at Square.
    Nov 18 0


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