Referrals needed

Epic SoftKitty
Oct 28 11 Comments

I am a Software Developer at Epic Systems with 1.5 YOE. Currently in need of referrals as applying online isn't helping for some companies I would like to interview for.
Interviews lined up till now: Amazon, Google, Bloomberg
Want to interview for: Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Uber, LinkedIn, Netflix, AirBnb

Solved 200+ LC and feeling like now is my best shot to increase my TC.
Would really appreciate if anyone can help me referring to the mentioned companies.

Current TC: 100K


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TOP 11 Comments
  • Riverbed Technology ydhnnana
    Come back after 400+
    Oct 29 3
    • Amazon sNaA13
      Funny coming from you bud
      Oct 29
    • Riverbed Technology ydhnnana
      Funny but true
      Oct 29
    • Epic SoftKitty
      As I said, I think now is my best shot.. I don't think solving 200 more will drastically increase my chances.
      Oct 29
  • Twilio p@$$w0rd.
    Dm if Twilio is of interest
    Oct 29 1
  • Amazon / Eng //////
    Why leave WI?
    Oct 29 4
    • Google / Eng crownwcg
      tc is only 100k, pal
      Oct 29
    • Amazon / Eng //////
      It's Madison.
      Oct 29
    • Amazon thule
      You can make much more even in a LCoL city - Amazon has some great locations for this, actually.
      Oct 29
    • Epic SoftKitty
      Couple of reasons:
      1. Low TC
      2. Legacy Tech Stack
      3. Brutal Wisconsin winter
      Oct 29


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