Referrals please!

Rally Health / Eng nowwehere
Aug 8 3 Comments

Looking for referrals to Amazon, LinkedIn, Robinhood, Citadel, Stripe, HRT, Jane Street, and Google.

My referral link:

I'm in college and currently doing an Internship in software engineering. I will grind as hard as I need and then even more to get where I want to be. You can never be too prepared.

All referrals would be greatly appreciated!


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  • Google gohoogogo
    Dm me
    Aug 16 0
  • Citadel Securities KCgd24
    DM me
    Aug 13 1
    • New t2s
      Can I please DM you as well? I am a student from a well known school that is interested in interning at Citadel. 200+ LC and I also have some prior internship experience. I am willing to send you any information that you may need.
      Sep 13


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