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Expedia / Eng enthu
Jan 2 7 Comments

Hello all,

Recently I was interviewed by Uber and HR called me and told that I got selected and will get offer letter by 2 days . After 2 days HR calls me and tells that headcount for the team is full and she will forward my profile to different teams. I didn’t hear anything from her till now ( assuming that this is holiday season, I understand the delay) . I have another offer from Salesforce and the joining date is approaching. This offer is very good in terms of compensation and position. Should I postpone the joining date for few more weeks At Salesforce so that I can wait till I get offer letter from
Uber, did any one got the same reply from Uber? I thought there is no host matching concept in Uber, Any inputs would be highly appreciated.


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  • Microsoft Gambini
    Inform the recruiter of your timeline and your other offer. Never hurts to have two offers on hand, you can negotiate a better deal.
    Jan 2 0
  • PM me
    Jan 2 1
    • Expedia / Eng enthu
      PMed you
      Jan 2
  • Uber / Eng oOBb03
    I prefer globs over regex for host matching.
    Jan 2 1
  • Capital One username
    You mentioned joining date. Did you already accept the salesforce offer?
    Jan 2 1
    • Expedia / Eng enthu
      Yes I accepted it
      Jan 2


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