Rejected and dejected

Jun 1 24 Comments

Interviewed onsite at Facebook and got rejected. I know it’s part of life and it’s my shortcomings which led to this and I should work harder but I still feel like 💩. I feel like a failure and that I will never be good enough for FAANG. I practiced Leetcode and got a fairly easy question but kind of just blanked and the tiny easel style whiteboard did not help.


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  • Google ahx
    I failed FB too, don't sweat, keep practicing, interview elsewhere.
    Jun 1 1
    • Facebook / Eng

      Facebook Eng

      Me too.
      Jun 2
  • T-Mobile fun oh
    Grinding...for a lifetime...
    Jun 1 3
    • Internet Brands letsgoooo
      Introduction to Algorithms === has waaaay harder problems than LC hards 😂 greatest book though.
      Jun 1
    • Amazon I5swfi
      This is no longer the Bible for interviewing. That honor goes to Leetcode.
      Jun 1
    • Google UkHq61
      Was it ever taken seriously ? Afaik TopCoder and UVA had way more interesting problems even before this book (including all the problems in the book as well).
      Jun 1
  • Marvell HybridCar
    A rejection in an interview doesn’t mean shit about you - it just means it wasn’t your day. Like others have mentioned, don’t be hard on yourself. Think of interview as a lottery. There will be better days.
    Jun 1 0
  • Facebook el_idolo1
    I think you blanked because you're very clearly way too nervous and put too much pressure on yourself. Find a way to mitigate that. Good enough for FAANG? Don't think like that, it's poor thinking and your pity party won't get you anything good in return.
    Jun 1 0
  • Microsoft sorndbdvv
    While there are times to look into oneself to reflect, one shouldn’t take these things too seriously. I screwed up Amazon *screener* and got up leveled by Google and am now joining them. It not just about your skills, there is luck in it too.
    Jun 1 0
  • New / IT xizX84j
    Next time remember the Russian tactic: 2 shots of vodka one hour before the interview !
    Jun 1 0
  • Google / Eng

    Google Eng

    Whiteboard is not for everyone, interviewers are not perfect, and you may not have been prepared for the domain, on one hand it's not your fault, it was luck of the draw. But on the other hand, life is not fair, so back to LC, do whiteboard practice, and get some ice cream or booze to chin up
    Jun 1 0
  • New / Eng blindor
    Everything happens for a reason. Move on, learn, adapt, and keep growing stronger.
    Jun 1 0
  • Microsoft no-sql
    Feel good that you went onsite to Fb. They rejected me on phone itself 😕
    Jun 1 1
    • Microsoft / Eng gqne23
      Me too :(
      Jun 1
  • Google / Eng g3doc
    Don't take it so personal. Luck is always a component of these interviews and the process isn't perfect. That's why they let you try again in 6-12 months.
    Jun 2 0
  • Facebook hphpd
    I also failed FB first time. So few people even *get* to interview in the first place, the funnel is crazy. Job or no job you will have learnt something from the experience (even if it is a deep seated hatred for DP)
    Jun 2 2
    • New adjkfie
      I thought fb banned dp questions?
      Jun 2
    • Facebook hphpd
      Dunno, I haven't done any interviewing on this side (but I did get one)
      Jun 2
  • Oracle / Mgmt aiabc
    I know the feeling I gave practice rounds , non faang all 6 places got rejected onsite .... but will stand up , dust off and leetcode and design more , more ML
    Jun 1 0
  • SAP johndoe
    yo buddy, failed fb on site as well. Whiteboard def doesn't make things easy and they're super strict on the 45 mins time. But don't give up. Eventually got an FB equivalent offer for a company I like much more anyways (will share once signed). I found fbs employees surprisingly unexcited about their job / work imho. No matter what, GTFO of SAP. Sinking Titanic.
    Jun 2 0
  • Facebook shubidubi
    I failed too first time. Keep trying
    Jun 1 0
  • Microsoft TonyShark
    I felt the same after i failed google phone screen. It will NOT get better for a while. You will question why you should leave your current company and start liking it more. And you will receive multiple crazy offers after that. Keep trying and failing.
    Jun 1 0
  • New AXWY54
    What was the question that stumped you
    Jun 1 0
  • Logitech / Eng sallE2dx
    You are not good enough to FAANG. There's nothing more to look in to. Look for non-FAANG jobs and TC or GTFO.

    JK. You can try again next year right? Time to study.
    Jun 1 0


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