Rejected from Palantir (internship) after coding the optimal solutions for 2 DP LC medium in 45 minutes

Oct 4 9 Comments

Also got 2 LC medium in a 45 minute phone screen with Oath/Verizon Media and am waiting for a response. What are interviewers looking for in these interviews? Is it the industry standard to ask 2 LC medium in a 45 min phone screen for interns?


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  • New / Eng *(void*)0
    This is what happen when everyone grind LC and accept this bullshit recruiting process
    Oct 4 0
  • Verizon Media puCs850
    Wow. Somebody asked you dp? At oath? The interviewer is seriously preparing!
    Oct 4 2
    • Apple smol brain
      i think he means at palantir, not oath. the thought of oath giving interns 2 lc mediums in 45 min is actually laughable.
      Oct 4
    • Verizon Media puCs850
      Agree. If you interview with my team I will make sure they start with dp hard
      Oct 4
  • Kabbage / Data fxnM15
    I wanna say that you actually dodged a bullet.
    Oct 4 0
  • Google PCBro
    Are you a SJW?
    Oct 4 2
    • OP
      Nope. I passed their behavioral interview (which supposedly not everyone passed) The tech screen was literally all coding and no behavioral.
      Oct 4
    • Google PCBro
      What was in their behavioral interview?
      Oct 6
  • Apple


    Software engineer
    There’s more to hiring than just your LC abilities
    Oct 4 0


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