Relative Salary Bay Area vs. Europe

New QUjx26
Oct 30 16 Comments

Is there an approximate calculator/formula where you can see what a US salary would be in europe (particularly Germany)?

E.g.: “a PM that makes 120k in the Bay area would earn x in Germany.”

Looking for a website or source like that. Glassdoor and indeed barely have any records for certain roles in Germany/Europe so that didnt work.


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  • Uber / Product jakeperalt
    My friends that moved to Germany make about half of what they made in SF
    Oct 30 10
    • Roku cruella
      Well that's not comparing like to like.
      Oct 30
    • Uber / Product grooot
      Sure, but I’ve heard it’s not that different for internal transfers either, but I don’t have a solid data point to back it.
      Oct 30
    • Verizon Media / Eng HG10TW
      I am German, working in the Bay Area. I have never worked in Germany, but have talked to German friends of mine. Base salary is probably about half of the Bay Area, but other than a few US companies with offices in Germany, there aren’t typically big cash bonuses or RSU. The higher your level in the Bay Area, the more your TC consists of those variable parts. This is a big reason why I don’t consider going back to Germany for now.
      Oct 30
    • New QUjx26
      @HG10TW: also German, considering Bay Area. Is it ok if I send you a private message?
      Oct 30
    • Verizon Media / Eng HG10TW
      Oct 30
  • Kaspersky Lab / HR

    Kaspersky Lab HR

    PM makes about 70-80K euros in Munich. You'll pay about 40% of it in taxes.
    However, you'll have state-sponsored health insurance, free childcare starting from the age of 3yo for your kids and legal right to workpart time if you're a caregiver. And after 6m probation period, it’d be very hard for the company to fire you, and if they do your severance would be 1.2 months for every year of service, but no less than 3 months. Also, they often provide you with a car, it's a very popular benefit option in Germany
    Oct 30 0
  • Google / Eng rооt
    Oct 30 1
  • HashiCorp Karla2018
    Pay is less in Europe but you get better benefits, and several weeks of paid vacation are mandated by law.
    Oct 30 0
  • Lyft wXfl07
    US$60k equivalent pretax income. In other words the USA worker keeps US$95k, the German worker keeps US$45k but the socialism is so great especially for young people . NOT !!! I experienced this as a tech worker in Canada. It's why you have so many foreigners working alongside you at work . Nurses and bus drivers made the same as me ... I am not kidding I wrote a tax model for both countries to determine how poorly I was paid I could give you an exact figure to the dollar in the year I did it.
    Oct 30 0


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