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Amazon jqRI28
Nov 14 6 Comments

Ive been at lab at amazon for around 2 years now, mostly coding user space features for a large component on the echo devices, mostly all c++. Im wanting to move out of lab / devices, but most job postings I see want distributed computing or java spring knowledge, or some other framework or paradigm that I dont have experience with. Did I screw myself? I was working off the assumption that passing the technical interview at a company would be good enough and I could learn the skills required while on the job.


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  • Amazon bdie
    Nov 14 0
  • Akamai Technologies hpBF22
    How many yoe? Are you wanting to make a move internally within amazon? Start a side project ASAP and then reach out to some managers. I think someone will give u a chance.

    It’s a myth that tech skills don’t matter. Managers will always prefer candidates with skills that match the stack. Recruiters will always funnel you to a team that matches skill wise. Even at google if during team match the managers will inspect your skills.

    IMO I would hedge yourself. Optimize for leetcode (passing tech interview) AND acquire in demand skills. I’d weight each one equally
    Nov 14 2
    • Amazon jqRI28
      2 yoe, this is my first job out of college. What would you recommend for a side project, a basic full stack application?

      I’m thinking of transferring internally since I’m about to hit year 3/4 and get some stock
      Nov 14
    • Akamai Technologies hpBF22
      Yeah start with a basic full stack application. Why don’t you like c++ btw?
      Nov 14
  • Amazon thule
    Tons of teams would love to have a C++ heavy guy from labs. Do a full stack application with Java or JavaScript just to get a taste as a personal project, then post around internally.
    Nov 14 0
  • Just build some distributed web apps. That will teach you distributed computing
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