#Relocation - Planning to move to CA from WA

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Dec 1, 2018 5 Comments

Hi All,

I’m planning to move to CA from WA and couple of days back I got my license plates renewed, can I drive my car in CA with WA plates for 1 year and then transfer?


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  • Google / EngBluths
    Need to register for CA plates within 30 days of moving and get a CA license within 10 days. If you get pulled over, you will get a ticket.

    Ironic since you won’t be able to find an appointment at the DMV for the next 3 months.
    Dec 1, 20183
    • SpaceX uevh5
      Genuine curiosity - why does everybody complain about DMV? Can't you do everything online? I went to a physical office once in my lifetime - for my first license, I did everything online after that. CA's DMV has their website address on every license plate, do you still need to go in person?
      Dec 1, 2018
    • Google / EngBluths
      Yes, you do. For first time registration and Real ID. Do you really think people are so dumb that they won’t think to do it online?
      Dec 1, 2018
    • SpaceX uevh5
      That was my suspicion - that too many things need to be done in person. That and the fact DMV offices in my area are always empty.
      Dec 2, 2018
  • Intel UfCX54
    I think AAA can register a car coming in like that. Didn't use to do it, but the last time I bought a car from out of state I didn't have to go to DMV. DMV also has a nifty (!) bit of their site where you can see the wait time at all their offices. Some of them have shorter lines than others...
    Dec 1, 20180

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