Relocation across the country

ION Group FNpX01
Jun 8 7 Comments


Folks who have relocated across the country from east coast to west coast, if given the option of a lump sum amount for relocation would you choose it ?

If you did pick that option did it show up as a bonus and you had to pay almost half of it to Uncle Sam?

Yoe: 15
Tc: no job yet only offers




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  • Honeywell wellHoney
    It’s a pain to itemize. Do the receipts or have company manage the services. Just give me a check and I’ll put it to good use
    Jun 8 0
  • Microsoft / Eng cholical
    Lump sum vs managed move completely depends on what your situation is.
    Jun 8 0
  • If you don’t have much stuff to move lump sum is the way to go. I’ve sold most of the stuff that aren’t paying shipping when I moved.
    Jun 8 2
    • ION Group FNpX01
      I’m too planning to throw and sell a few things. We are looking at this move as a chance to get rid of some clutter. However until we do it we’ll not know how much we need to move.

      I guess we should get cracking on that and then reassess.

      Jun 8
    • Yeah pillows, bedding, light stands, tv and furniture all of these can be sold off (use offer up app) and you can stuff your car trunk with heavy necessary stuff while you are shipping the car. I stuffed the car trunk with books and my tools 🧰 etc. this will save money in fedex/ups ground shipping
      Jun 8
  • Bloomberg cg_ny
    I’ve done both and lump sum usually isn’t worth it, even if you’re single. Unless your apartment is basically empty (and you’re not moving a car). For both of my relocations the companies paid the tax, I didn’t have to pay any.
    Jun 8 0
  • Capital One IukP56
    Don’t use CA address for few months in w2 otherwise uncle ca Sam will ask their part too like 13-15%
    Jun 8 0