Relocation to London

Incorta lemon6
Jun 11 7 Comments

Hi All

I will be relocating to London. What areas are good to live in? I am looking for a one bedroom apartment in a nice and safe neighborhood. I'll be working close to Liverpool street station.

Budget: Hoping for something around 1600 GBP (+ or -)



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TOP 7 Comments
  • EPAM Systems / IT kSWK84
    Dude, stay away from London.

    Great friends from there, amazing beer aaaaand that’s it. Ugly British women, terrible food and weather
    Jun 11 3
    • Morgan Stanley / Eng XCby45
      This is incorrect. Apart from the weather.
      Jun 11
    • Facebook tantan85
      Can confirm the food sucks.
      Jun 11
    • Morgan Stanley / Eng XCby45
      There's amazing food everywhere, not sure what you mean. Be it small places or fancy 3 Michelin star restaurants - do you have trouble finding good places to eat?
      Jun 12
  • Facebook JustCause
    Northern line, Hampstead
    Jun 15 0
  • Amazon momo881
    I'd recommend staying in zone 2/3 if you want a new development 1 bed. If you want a shithole stay in 1/2 in that budget
    Jun 14 0
  • Microsoft sigasiga
    London Bridge/Tower Bridge and Bermondsey area in general. If you stay close to the bridges it'll be about half an hour walking distance from your office, nice route.
    Jun 14 0