Remote/WFH tech jobs earning $200k+ ... possible?

Capital One / Eng FeGv57
Jun 14 14 Comments

Currently an engineering lead/director earning $300k TC. Willing to give up some of that so long as I can a) work from home exclusively and b) maintain a $200k income. My family situation is changing soon and it will be much easier for me and my family logistically if one of the parents stays home ( Skills include AWS, devops, Python, Java and front end JS frameworks. Preference is backend development or devops however. TYE is over 20.

Is this possible/achievable? I know it isn’t at C1, so that’s not an option.



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  • Microsoft hyTE58
    Not sure about the lead position.. But i know Microsoft is very open to remote IC employees.. Every team I've worked on has had at least one such person.. Also seen them making arrangements like splitting time 50-50 or flying in one week a month.. Usually this is only done for employees that have been around for a couple of years but I've also seen external job postings state they are open to remote candidates..
    Jun 14 0
  • Salesforce Br0gramm3r
    Definitely exists at Salesforce
    Jun 15 1
    • New / IT letmeinwillya
      What types of roles and experience required for those? Any information would be helpful. Thanks!
      Jun 15
  • Uber / Eng staff
    Jun 15 0
  • Twitch and Amazon for sure. Many employees here do
    Jun 15 0
  • Amazon XIjQ36
    My wife isn't even tech (but works for Amazon) and she makes that working from home.
    Jun 15 0
  • OpenText TSLAstock🤣
    Jun 15 0
  • Hortonworks


    Yes, it is possible.
    Jun 14 0
  • IBM zeLF33
    It’s definitely possible in companies like IBM or Microsoft. I know many of. colleagues at IBM research who mostly work from homes and come to office only once a week.
    Jun 14 0
  • New / IT letmeinwillya
    Hi there,
    Wanted to say that I'm in somewhat similar situation, wife will be working in the medical fields, she is just completing her residency. One of us would need to be at home and even though her schedule can be flexible she can't be home and working at the same time.

    That leaves the IT guy (me) who can work from home if I can get a good compensation. I've done backend Java work and have progressive experience all the way to Director of Software Development. IMHO, it may be more IC role that employers are more open to for remote but once you are in, you could switch/move to other higher paid roles.

    You've probably tried already but would ask anyway, have you tried asking at your current employer if they would be open to remote only arrangement due to changing circumstances? That would be the least disruptive option. Wish you best of luck.
    Jun 14 2
    • Capital One / Eng FeGv57
      This is actually my exact situation. Her job is too demanding and has little flexibility and our kids are young, so require lots of attention and logistics planning. Hence, the IT guy gets to stay home.

      I run a large team at C1 (55 engineers). Being remote from them most or all of the time is a recipe for failure at C1 in particular. Even bringing it up to my VP will raise some eyebrows.
      Jun 15
    • New / IT letmeinwillya
      I was leading a much smaller team (15 Engineers max), when I had to move out of state, asked employer for remote option, they granted but my role changed from managerial to a combination of developer+coordination until I transitioned fully into dev role. As a side effect, being away from office, I was eventually asked to either come back on site or telecommuting would end. So that's something to keep in mind with current employer if they allow you to do remote, they may be open to change in role if that works for you.

      If you are looking to leave, you could either search based on "remote" in the job descriptions, update you LinkedIn to say that you are looking for remote only options. There's a setting somewhere on LinkedIn where you can enter custom message to recruiters it won't be visible to your current employer and you may get approached by recruiters who may have something remote in mind.

      Best of luck to you and hope it works out for you!

      Totally worth it to take little pay cut for remote only. you will get spoiled ..not needing to commute and sleeping in a little from time to time!
      Jun 15
    • Capital One / Eng FeGv57
      Really interesting company/option
      Jun 15