Remove Country based cap on green card?

eBay / Eng joiutv
Feb 8 29 Comments

Tc 180
What do you guys think about's aiming to remove country based green card backlog that should benefit indians and chinese folks.

If passed, the number of green cards issued will be restricted as:
Fiscal year 2020 will have at-least 15% of Green Cards for non Indian and Chinese people.
Fiscal year 2021 will have at-least 10% of Green Cards for non Indian and Chinese people.
Fiscal year 2022 will have at-least 10% of Green Cards for non Indian and Chinese people.
Per country RESERVED Green card limit will be set to 25% of total GCs.
Per country UN-RESERVED Green card limit will be set to 85% for fiscal years 2020, 2021, 2022. Starting 2023, there will be no restrictions.
“Do no Harm” clause in HR 1044 – Anyone with an approved I-140 is guaranteed to receive Green card earlier than the person without approved I-140 at this time.
The Transition period (including the “Do no harm” provision) now applies to EB-5 Visas also.


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  • Uber baghodler
    Consequences: more Indians and Chinese are incentivized to apply for H1B and GC, ROW wait times >20 years, crowding-out any non software engineering green cards.

    The real solution to this problem is a country cap on H1B.
    Feb 8 6
    • Uber baghodler
      My theory is that anything that makes it easier to get a green card will incentivize more people to apply and we’ll end up where we began. It’s the same thing as traffic, build bigger roads and it incentivizes people to live further and commute more, keeping time spent in traffic constant. The correct solution is to increase the price of driving. So yes, the same applies to DV lottery.

      If a marginal Indian is willing to wait for green card for 20 years, the supply will keep adjusting to maintain this wait time. To solve this, we either need to increase the price (i.e., find a way to make the marginal Indian to only want to wait for 2 years) or introduce another bottleneck into the system (e.g., H1B cap, lower gaduation rate, lower birth rate, etc).
      Feb 8
    • eBay sinshvsyb
      Did you just give an example of low graduation rate and lower birth rate to maintain balance in green card wait? It sounds logical but extremely funny 😳😳

      So let’s just fail the students more or discourage people to reproduce.
      Feb 8
    • New / Eng

      New Eng

      Trend setter, job hunter, Entrepreneur
      Now > 20 yrs for others is pure scare tactics by radical rights. When the entry was based on skills then why asking nationality for PR? Plus these are the people living here and are tax payers unless you buy those cheap labor fake propaganda. It is as common as any system with 20% ish abuse.
      Remove H1B and jobs goes somewhere in wired economy.
      I wish sensible arguments prevails in this case.
      Feb 8
    • PayPal Jama
      India and china shouldn’t have that much population
      Feb 8
    • Apple JobsAtApp
      @bagholder great thought. You should be lawmaker.
      Feb 8
  • Facebook public2
    Nothing to think about, it won't go anywhere unfortunately
    Feb 8 8
    • Facebook kobay
      Public2, it passed house today
      Jul 10
    • Microsoft UMbR31
      Dang you serious brother??
      Jul 10
    • Facebook kobay
      Yup! Next is Senate
      Jul 10
    • Facebook public2
      No, it didnt pass. The house (meaningless) passed it for political show. The Senate will absolutely not pass it and honestly may never even vote on it. In the 0.001% it does somehow trump would veto it. Sorry the house vote was always going to be a pass but is meaningless in a gridlocked government. Don't get your hopes up. Sorry.
      Jul 10
    • Facebook kobay
      I sincerely hope this India-First bill gets killed in Senate
      Jul 10
  • Facebook bl@ckmamba
    Great now the GC system will be flooded with Indians
    Feb 26 3
    • eBay / Eng joiutv
      And guess what.. your racist ass can't do shit about it..
      Feb 26
    • Facebook bl@ckmamba
      Glad that’s not gonna be happening any time soon.
      Getting a permanent residency is a privilege not a right. You should have known what you were getting yourself into when you came here.
      Feb 27
    • Amazon SUOl88
      And so does most Americans when they came in as immigrants... remember?
      Jul 9
  • Facebook / Eng matade
    I hope it doesn't pass. This will make the shitty consulting body shops exploit the heck out of the GC and rest of the world would suffer.
    Jun 22 0
  • Oracle Cersei
    Good Bill but chances of passing are low. Why? Because it makes it easier for backlogged folks to switch jobs, start companies, start business etc. Right now employers are very happy to have employees stuck in backlog. They know backlogged employees won’t complain and chances of switching to competitors is low. Lot of consulting companies and immigration lawyers will be lobbying against it. Is it good for all workers yes but not so for all employers. Best protection that can be given to American workers is by providing mobility to backlogged folks. Unfortunately too many forces against this bill
    Feb 12 1
    • Apple rzoI28
      In bay area, the mindset of the companies are such that you stay in a company as long as you are happy, otherwise there are so many opportunities out there. Also all these bay area companies start processing green card as soon as 3-6 months. Some startups offered me that they will start green card processing within a week after I join them. So there is no incentive for companies to have stuck employees. So the argument that companies who want to have stuck employees might be in places other than big tech hubs. Also modern tech companies try to empower employees by not sucking them much and empower them so they produce more for the companies. The companies which are not doing that definitely( like CTS, TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Verizon, Comcast ,etc) will definitely die sooner. So I don't take this argument, and also this creates fear for every Indian out there.
      Jun 17
  • New jIMO14
    What does TC has to do with this? :)
    Jul 17 0
  • eBay engcgh
    Could you please ask companies like amazon,google, Facebook have a country quota on hiring?
    Because those companies also apply for green cards for their employees
    Jul 10 0
  • Twilio lxKU38
    Apparently only 4% of bills pass. I don't think this is passing :(
    Feb 9 0
  • Twilio lxKU38
    What does this do not harm policy mean?
    Feb 9 0
  • eBay aErk76
    What happens to people who have i140 approved but switched jobs and the process is restarted (only porting dates) if their priority date comes and they r still undergoing paper work with current employer what happens then?
    Feb 8 0
  • Bloomberg EVALSlayer
    Why do you think it should be based on how many more applicants there will be from the over represented pool already?
    Feb 8 0