Rene Zwart ( ex Marine Manager Lloyd's Register ) has now joined Smit Lamnalco.

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Rene Zwart ( ex Marine Manager Lloyd's Register ) has now joined Smit Lamnalco. During the Lloyd's Register days, Rene Zwart was notorious for saving dollars by denying PPE (personal protective equipment / last line of life preserver) for Lloyd's Register Surveyors. Before joining Smit Lamnalco, Rene Zwart was working for another company in Miami area.

As per the information available on website, "Smit Lamnalco provides first class, reliable and customised marine support in any environment. We ensure safe and efficient operations in any part of the world. We run a tight ship!". With Rene Zwart in a senior position who is well known notorious for saving few bucks at the cost of people's lives, how will the mission statement of Smit Lamnalco be fulfilled is a question?

Apparently the shady past of Rene Zwart is known to Top management of Smit Lamnalco?
Lloyd's Register as per reports, has recently fired a Surveyor who was denied PPE by Rene Zwart, apparently Lloyd's Register wants to keep Rene Zwart in good humor? as some Smit Lamnalco operated/owned vessels are classed by Lloyds Register.

source of information on Rene Zwart from Linkedin :

Above is for those who assumed that in modern civilised world, lofty values of Safety and Life had some relevance. Is above an eye opener ??


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