Renting in Bay Area without credit (from Canada)

Microsoft djjeoigd
Feb 1 10 Comments

How difficult will it be to find a studio to rent without US credit history? I’ve read that some landlords will accept an additional month worth of rent as a deposit instead - is this common or the exception? I really don’t want to risk unknown roommates (which I assume is the easier option without credit history).

If it makes a difference, I’ll be looking in the peninsula.

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  • Twitter kyukyukyu
    I just came to SF from Toronto, zero credit history. Just told the landlord how much I make and put down a month rent as deposit and the apartment became my new home, not sharing with eBay one. Very easy.
    Feb 1 0
  • Symantec O (1)
    Be prepared to put down large deposit
    Feb 1 0
  • IBM apu
    Canada and the US have the same credit reporting agencies and credit rating scores. It shouldn’t be a problem
    Feb 1 1
    • Scribd


      The same agencies but credit does not transfer between countries. You start at 0 upon relocating.
      Feb 2
  • Google / Eng

    Google Eng

    Top Contributor or GTFO
    I rented an apartment about a month after moving to the Bay Area, with no US credit history, with a $100 security deposit.

    I almost couldn't believe it.
    Feb 1 0
  • DoorDash op1u0b
    Credit history shouldn't be an issue. Just show your job offer.
    Feb 1 0
  • Veritas / Strategy xWfa06
    With your nationality it shouldn’t be hard. If you can show proof of income - US appointment letter, old/new salary slips it should be fine.
    My Russian and Slovakian friends had to pay upto 6 months while ppl I know from England and Canada got it for the same terms as any American citizen would have.
    You may find a strange landlord or two, but overall it holds.
    Feb 1 0
  • PayPal PlCy33
    It’s less about you and more about who else they can rent to given the demand. If you have cash prepay for as many months as you can. If not, well, good luck.
    Feb 1 0
  • PG&E Zerious
    Came here 6 years ago. Show job offer letter and put down deposit and prepaid rent. No problems.
    Feb 2 0
  • Microsoft djjeoigd
    Sweet, thank you everyone! I’m a lot less worried now.
    Feb 2 0